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  • Design Your Life with new technology. Dreams in your hand. Empowering people and Your potential our passion.

  • The developer at at Orient Software don't simply complete the work theyare assigned. They revel in their projrcts.

  • Respecting our traditions, greeting you with the warmth and the friendly word we provide you all what you need under one roof. We want to keep you smiling always and We able to support you about our products and services.

  • Financial and management accountancy services are performed by qualified and trained staff, using advanced and sophisticated information technology systems to maintain a efficient accountancy and management information system.

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Please see the Prices for our Products from the1st November 2013

Vivid 2

Rs 24,500/=

Super 10

Rs 35,000/=


Rs 24,000/=

14 Ultra Thin

Rs 53,000/=

Mini Video Camera

Rs 14,000/=


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Beatles Grey
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J Tech

A part of Group ADP established over 30 years ago, has been servicing the IT Sector internationally for more than 15 years. Over the last 2 years J Tech Computers was set up as an independent division of the Group to focus on the development of new computer hardware and software in line with the ongoing technological advances in the world.

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Macmillan Bikes are continuing the mission of Kirkpatrick Macmillan to Construct bicycles to very high standards using up to date quality components. British Engineers designers with their international team carry out continuous research to improve on the products for the enjoyment in cycling for all.

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A trusted and a proven system, conceptualised after more than 30 years of experience in accountancy and business. Staff especially chosen and trained to cater to the needs of the organisation. TAT consist of professionals with people management skills and the intricate understanding of all aspects of business.

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Jay Anton de Paris creations brings out a sense of positivism, strength and brightness to peoples lives like he does to all who know him. The art comes from the bottom of the heart of creative genius, to produce a picture from how he feels at the time of creation. Colour symmetry and brightness result in a work of art that lifts the spirits of anyone from any state of mind.

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